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The Great Insanity

TGI are Keith Duncan, Jules McAllister and Robert Davidson.


Three strong vocal styles, various Elektron gadgetry with traditional instrumentation makes for eclectic listening which is hard to classify.

If Autechre, NIN and David Bowie had an orgy and gave birth to a bastard love child then it might come close to describing the unique sound of TGI.

Uncomfortable, moving and politically aware lyrics means that they are not here just for show.

They even rap.

Having a multinational award winning video for their song "Another Day", which was also nominated for a Scottish New Talent Bafta in 2011,

shows that this band have the unique talent to do something original in an age of copy-cats and trickery.

Breaking through genres like nobody else, these guys have 'something to say'.

A unique experience born from the deepest chasms on the the planet,

they are about to erupt all over you.


Amazon buyers have said -


"A debut album of startling originality and ambition: intricate yet hypnotic, dark but beautiful, this is music to listen to again and again."


"An astonishingly varied and moving array of styles, tunes and beats, haunting and evocative vocals."


"With great power comes great insanity."




released 23 July 2011



Neil McDougall played drums on Oblivious & Between the lines.

Will Anderson played bass on Viagrong, Oblivlious, Faces and Feelgood.

Paul Reynolds played Mandolin and electric guitar on Between the lines, Feelgood and She Run.


Thanks to all of those dudes, if we ever make some money you'l know about it soon enough.





A short film by Will Anderson'The Making of Longbird'

'A 'Behind-the-scenes' look at an Animator/Filmmaker as he struggles with his character'

Sound Design by Keith Duncan from The Great Insanity.





BAFTA Film Awards 2013 WINNER - 'Short Animation'




BEST ANIMATION // Brooklyn Film Festival 2012

SCOTTISH SHORT FILM AWARD // Glasgow Short Film Festival 2012

MCLAREN AWARD + BEST BRITISH SHORT FILM // Edinburgh International Film Festival 2012

GOLDEN DOVE for Animated films and videos + Audience Award // DOK Leipzig 2011

SHORT GRAND PRIX // Warsaw Film Festival 2011


Click to view the trailer on Vimeo now.





Another Day



The Great Insanity and Will Anderson (white robot) present

an animated musical metamorphisis 'Another Day'.


Another Day is a multi award winning music video extravaganza.

Nominated for the experimental section of the prestigious 2011 Scottish BAFTA awards.

FLIP animation awards winner, experimental section, same year.








Keith Duncan: Sound Designer, Composer, Musician, Live Sound Engineer, Singer/Songwriter.


Keith has worked on several short films, most notably "The making of Longbird", an animation by Will Anderson which won a Bafta in February 2013.

He has a strong technical background of live engineering which contributes to his studio engineering whether it be for film or music.

A vocalist who has been inspired and tutored by the likes of Mike Patton and Michael Jackson (i.e. singing in the shower) and also a dab hand at any

instrument he chooses to pick up. Keith is a driving force in TGI, especially from behind...




Robert Davidson: Singer/Songwriter, Composer, Musician, Writer, Sound Designer, Film Maker.


Robert is a kind hearted soul who loves the planet, humans and most of all, society. He is at the forefront of TGI as the most professional vocalist

with 15 years band experience and a unique vocal style that compares to the genius of David Bowie and Jeff Buckley.

Rob never has a problem providing an unexpected harmony or guitar line to the band.




Jules McAllister: Composer, Musician, Singer/Songwriter, Sound Designer, Performer.


Jules creates the intricacies within TGI's music and brings probably the most individual undisturbed vocal to the three peice. A creative monstor who

can not help conjuring up prolific masterpieces, he is an unstopable force of musicianship and has a huge dong to compliment being the 3rd wonder

of the universe. This man does not know the meaning of writers block, he will never stop. Ever.

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